What's it like to write a memoir?

The process of writing is an interesting one. Some writers can create fiction and create wonderful storylines. I am not that kind of writer. I have to write about my own experiences. I can tell you in all honesty I was compelled to write "THE SHOULDING A Story of Resilience and Hope." I needed to share my story in order to help others.

I'm old school in my writing process. I bought legal pads and ink pens and hand wrote everything. Every legal pad had a chapter name. I would spread all the legal pads on the floor and see what chapter name drew me to it. Then I'd write. Sometimes I'd write and cry, sometimes I'd write and laugh. Then there were the "sticky notes" that I would write on when an idea would flash through my brain.

It took me a year to write my book. Then it took me a year to recover from writing my book. Then another six months to shop it around. I contacted agents, publishing companies; local and national. I was told over and over again if I was famous they would be interested in reading my story. But I'm not so....bye, bye. I finally found a publisher! That process went faster than I thought it would. And now I'm officially a published author. Who knew??!! As soon as I announced on Facebook and Twitter, the book took off! I've had my book launch party, and a couple of book signing events. This is all very exciting, exhausting, and mind-blowing. I wish for every writer the feeling that I'm feeling right now. I'm just hanging on to this rollercoaster ride!

I can hardly wait to see how my next book works out!! Stay tuned.....

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